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ATZ (China) Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Is a offer aluminium chloride, Polyacrylamide, polymer ferric sulfate, algae fungicidal, disinfectant, reverse osmosis scale inhibitor materials in water treatment material and equipment R&D and manufacturers.Strive for more efficient water treatment,To reduce the cost of partners, to establish long-term cooperative relations for win-win future.

ATZ (China) Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Zhengzhou University, Tsinghua University and other research institute is our technical cooperation partner. Advanced equipment, with the latest production technology to protect product quality, save customer procurement costs. Based on the leading production technology, the company has taken the lead in the field of membrane treatment to develop a series of efficient scale inhibition, dispersion, compatibility and high stability of water treatment agent. Widely used in power, chemical, electronic, pharmaceutical and many other fields of large and medium-sized ro ro equipment. By the vast number of users welcome and praise.

The company has 5 experts and experts in environmental protection science and technology, and dozens of senior technical personnel, such as senior wastewater treatment engineers and engineers. The production capacity is strong, the experimental equipment is complete, and the performance is advanced. On the basis of years of field practice, the company has accumulated rich experience. According to the needs of each user, provide targeted solutions, provide technical support for the user's technical advice, solutions and other aspects.

ATZ (China) always adhere to provide high quality products and service to customers, adhere to high standards and strict requirements, in strict accordance with the production and sale of ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environment management system. At the same time, comply with EU standards. The company with high quality products, good service and good reputation, the business to most of the provinces in the country, products are exported to Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Nigeria, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Burma, Laos, Thailand, Uzbekistan and other countries and markets.


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