Urban sewage treatment

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Urban sewage treatment refers to the measures taken to change the nature of sewage and make it do no harm to the environment waters. City sewage treatment is generally divided into three stages: the first stage treatment, the removal of dissolved contaminants in sewage and parasite eggs in the Department of applied physics processing; grade two, Department of applied biological treatment method of oxidation of organic wastewater degradation complex for simple substances; three, Department of applied chemical precipitation, biological chemical, physical and chemical method, removal of phosphorus, nitrogen, organic matter, difficult degradation of inorganic salts. As to what level of treatment is reasonable, it should be determined according to the treatment requirements of the final effluent.

Generally, the primary treatment of municipal wastewater is primary treatment, and the two stage treatment is the main body, and the three stage treatment is seldom used. At least two levels of treatment should be adopted for wastewater discharged from a general factory.

In large scale wastewater treatment plants, the primary treatment with sedimentation as the center and the activated sludge process as the center of the two stage treatment of wastewater are adopted, and then sludge digestion treatment is carried out to concentrate, digest and dehydrate the sludge.

Primary treatment: anionic polyacrylamide is recommended.

Activated sludge treatment: general use, high power, medium molecular weight cationic polyacrylamide, cationic polyacrylamide with high ionic degree recommendation.

AUTHOR:ATZ Environmental Protection Technology

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