Industrial wastewater treatment

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Industrial wastewater treatment

The diversity of industrial production leads to the complexity of drainage pollution, such as organic pollution, inorganic pollution, thermal pollution, color pollution and so on. Therefore, the industrial wastewater treatment can not apply the technology and equipment of others from COD, the standard of simple BOD, SS, pH, in addition to the above indicators, but also many influence factors, such as temperature, pH, ammonia nitrogen content, salt content, toxic substances (organic phosphorus content), surfactant (foaming the material and dye content etc.).

Selection process for industrial wastewater treatment, directly related to the construction cost and operation cost, the processing result, the size of the area, convenient management and other key issues. Therefore, in the design of wastewater treatment plant, it is necessary to do a comparison of the process to determine the best solution.

Industrial wastewater treatment

Polyacrylamide with linear polymer particles can adsorb functional groups, like a long rope to a variety of particle adsorption together to form flocculent, plays a role in bridging between particles in recent years, as the polymer flocculant is widely used in the field of environmental protection.

Can be widely used in various industrial wastewater treatment, paper industry, food industry, textile industry, wine industry, petroleum chemical industry, leather industry, oil field wastewater etc.. Because of the different properties of the above industrial sewage, the choice of the best products should be determined by laboratory experiments, and sometimes need to be combined with inorganic flocculants.

According to the need of the polyacrylamide treatment process industrial wastewater and sewage, the types of characteristics separately, can be used as polyacrylamide coagulant, coagulant, sedimentation agent, sludge dehydrating agent used in industrial wastewater treatment, with molecular weight ranging from 8 million ~2000 million, if you know what types of PAM products. Please contact us.

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