Pharmaceutical wastewater treament

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Most of the pharmaceutical wastewater has the characteristics of high organic concentration, high chroma, difficult degradation and toxicity to microorganisms, complex water quality and poor biodegradability. In the wastewater of antibiotic residues and high concentration of organic compounds to the conventional biological treatment method is difficult to achieve the desired treatment effect, due to the strong inhibitory effect of antibiotic residues on microbial aerobic bacteria poisoning caused by aerobic treatment difficulties; organic matter and anaerobic treatment of high concentration and difficult to meet the effluent standard, further treatment is needed.

The complexity of pharmaceutical wastewater and conventional biochemical treatment process of high consumption, low efficiency, which leads to the large number of pharmaceutical wastewater is difficult to treat and not easy to discharge the most direct cause. Therefore, in the use of anaerobic biological treatment and anaerobic aerobic biochemical process, the traditional combination of pharmaceutical wastewater before the effective pretreatment, residual drug molecules and the destruction or degradation of antibiotic activity, the transformation is difficult to degrade into small molecules easily biodegradable, eliminate its inhibitory effects on microbe, improve the biodegradability of the wastewater, can make the subsequent biological treatment can greatly reduce the difficulty.

Production process used in the composition of raw materials, waste water produced by COD reaction of up to tens of thousands of mg/L, we will call the high concentration organic wastewater, conventional methods can hardly deal directly. The common methods to treat this kind of organic wastewater are solvent extraction, adsorption, biological, membrane separation, oxidation and incineration. The chemical synthesis of pharmaceutical wastewater with high toxicity and poor biodegradability, which belongs to high concentration organic wastewater, usually you can consider using advanced oxidation iron carbon micro electrolysis -ABR - UBF- aerobic process, the engineering practice shows that the treatment effect is stable and reliable, the effluent COD is below 300mg/L, the effluent water quality fully meet the integrated wastewater discharge standard (GB8978 - 1996) in the two grade discharge standard.

Polyacrylamide products produced by ATZ company, adding pharmaceutical wastewater, flocculation effect is obvious, is of great significance for the concentrated pharmaceutical wastewater and sludge dewatering.

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