Coal washing wastewater treatment

DATE:2017-10-16 / READ:

In the field of coal mining, the coal mined usually contains some impurities. First of all, according to the difference between the gravity of coal and impurities in the water medium, they are separated, coal suspended on the top, impurities into the bottom.

In the process of further afterwards, can improve the separation efficiency of coal and impurities by adding flotation agent. The flotation of clean coal and the settlement of tail coal.

Then to recover the tail coal in coal by sedimentation, filtration or centrifugation. Polyacrylamide is used in settling process to promote solid-liquid separation. And then sent to the thickener, water from the overflow recovery and recycling of thickener. Powdered cleaned coal is filtered and centrifuged. In the process of filtration and centrifugation, polyacrylamide was added again to improve the efficiency of the separation process.

AUTHOR:ATZ Environmental Protection Technology

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