Polyacrylamide used in textile industry

DATE:2017-10-19 / READ:

In the textile industry, textile auxiliaries for polyacrylamide: add some other chemicals can be made into slurry for chemical, textile sizing, can improve the adhesion, permeability and performance of pulp removal, the fabrics with anti-static, reduce sizing rate, reduce the plasma cutter spot, cloth breakage rate and fall off.

Slurry has stable performance, thickening, adhesion, lubrication function, fallspulp less fabric, low breakage rate, smooth surface, significantly improve the quality of products. It is mainly used in warp sizing of viscose, viscose, pure cotton and polyester / cotton, especially for cotton and viscose.

Screen printing system with fine pattern, make cloth pulp, can avoid the movement of the fabric pattern printed clear outline, better effect, according to the amount of slurry and water ratio of 1:1 can be easily washed out to protect the rubber blanket.

This product also can be used as dye levelling agent, improve product quality for dyeing cloth, yarn dyed products instead of water soluble resin finishing, improve the stiffness and elasticity.

AUTHOR:ATZ Environmental Protection Technology

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