The aluminum material wastewater

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Aluminum production process mainly includes the molding of aluminum degreasing, pickling, alkali corrosion, oxidation, coloring and sealing, and the profile the process after treatment shall be cleaned by water, this part of the section to form the overflow discharge cleaning water cleaning tank, wastewater is the main source of aluminum plant. In addition to a large amount of aluminum ions and some zinc, nickel, copper and other metal ions, the acidity and alkalinity of wastewater vary with the production requirements, but the acidity is the most.

According to the characteristics of aluminum wastewater mainly containing various metal ions and suspended solids, by neutralization and coagulation precipitation process. The wastewater from aluminum production is discharged from the workshop and then flows into the neutralization regulating tank. The air is stirred in the tank to balance the water quality. By adjusting pool water quality and water balance after adding alkali to adjust the pH value to 6 ~ 9, and then pumped into the sedimentation tank, in the pumping process at the same time adding flocculant (PAM). The hydroxide of metal ions in wastewater is formed in the reaction with alkali, and polyacrylamide in under the action of the formation of large particles of alum, rapid subsidence under the action of gravity, can be directly discharged the sedimentation tank half liquid, the effluent quality reached two grade discharge standard of local emission standards in Guangdong province DB4426-89 two area.

Sedimentation tank sludge into the filter press dewatering after landfill or by pumping through the comprehensive utilization of sludge concentration pool.

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