How to choose poly aluminum chloride supplier?

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Manufacturers of White poly aluminum chloride many, general customers should choose from what? I believe that the price is reasonable, stable supply, sufficient content, good results, fast delivery, is the best customer partners. Henan ATZ Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. as a professional manufacturer of water purification materials, in these areas have a strong advantage.

1, Stable supply

The factory has the merger and reorganization of assets in 2015, now has a large warehouse 12000 square meters, a large amount of inventory, the variety is complete, can meet a variety of applications in the field of sewage treatment, there is no need to worry about a temporary shortage!

2, The product content is enough

ATZ has maintained long-term cooperative relations with international Brand Company, listed companies and state-owned enterprises, and has been in zero complaint status. Integrity management, poly aluminum chloride content standards, has won the trust of customers and long-term cooperation.

3, Product effect is good

Product quality determines the quality of products, we Henan ATZ Environmental Protection Technology Co. Ltd polyaluminum chloride production workshop each department leaders are more than 10 years related experience, the company middle management personnel with more than 3 years working experience in 70%, in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system.

4, Fast and accurate delivery time

In strict accordance with the contract delivery, promptly meet customer demand, the workshop adopts the latest international management, ISO procedures, standardize production processes, strict control of shipments, accuracy rate of 100%.

5. Strong packing

The company at this stage are double packaging, and independent design of packaging bags, with moisture-proof lining, durable, safe storage, such as packaging, taking into account both the product performance and stability, taking into account the broken bags to avoid the risk of the customer process.

6, Rapid transit

We maintain good cooperation with logistics companies and shipping companies to ensure that the goods are delivered to the user's designated locations in a timely manner!

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