ATZ adavantage

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Our adavantage

1, Stable Supply

ATZ has a large warehouse 12000㎡, can meet one-stop shopping needs, reduce procurement costs.

2, Effective Content Standards

Zero complaint. Good faith management, won the trust and long-term cooperation.

3, Excellent Quality

More than 10 years related experience, in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system.

4, Accurate Delivery Time

In strict accordance with the contract delivery, promptly meet customer demand, accuracy rate of 100%.

5. Good Packing

Independent design of packaging bags up to customer, with moisture-proof lining, durable, safe storage.

6, Fast Logistics and Customs

Good cooperation with shipping company and customs to ensure timely and accurate delivery to customers

7. Professional purchasing team

Start from raw material production and cost control, continuously optimize the production process.

8. EU quality standards

Each batch of raw material will be tested before the trial production, Three tests to ensure safe, reliable and stable quality.

9. Independent laboratory

Independent laboratory,At the same time, we also accept any third party laboratory tests.

10. Own factory

Ensure the leading production technology and stable operation of production equipment.

11. Convenient and Safe Payment way

As a group company, we accept more flexible payment terms as our customers needs

12,strong r&d ability

Water treatment industry leader, adequate scientific research input, national engineering standards participants.

AUTHOR:ATZ Environmental Protection Technology

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