Polyacrylamide used in wastewater treatment industry

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Polyacrylamide used in wastewater treatment industry

Paper making wastewater treatment plant, the total amount of paper wastewater 36000 tons / day

Introduction: our new sewage high-grade household paper production plant, a total of three construction, currently in construction is a project, being the main steel structure construction, put into operation after the generation of waste water 500 tons / hour, 24 hours of continuous production, processing quality: COD: 300-500mg/L, 18 million, the molecular weight of anionic flocculant to 28, polyaluminum chloride content and cation ion of 60.

Furfural production wastewater, water quantity 700 tons / day

Sewage profile: our company's new production line, the traditional furfural wastewater, water 30m3/h, 24 hours of continuous production, the need for new sewage treatment facilities, the effluent can meet the "integrated wastewater discharge standard" (GB8978-96) standard level three, meet the Local Development Zone sewage treatment plant influent water quality, water treatment chemicals we use. Defoaming agent, bleaching agent, cationic polyacrylamide and polyaluminium chloride content of 26.

Printing enterprise wastewater

Sewage introduction: our company is printing unit, there are offset printing, flat printing press in the production process of wastewater, daily water is not fixed, before the outsourcing treatment, need to buy sewage treatment chemicals. Decoloring agent, anion 12 million, pac.

Spray paint waste water and waste gas treatment system waste water, water quantity 50 tons / month

Brief introduction: sewage painting wastewater and waste gas treatment system spraying wastewater generated by the project, 50 tons of water per month, the need for new sewage treatment facilities, wastewater treatment will be reused after spraying water and waste gas treatment need water, metal collected agent, flocculant, decoloring agent, anion and pam.

Garlic slice wastewater has higher COD concentration

Introduction: our company is sewage garlic processing enterprises, plans to expand the production line, mainly garlic slice after soaking, washing and centrifuging process produced garlic sliced wastewater, the concentration of COD in the wastewater, and has strong bactericidal effect of allicin, the wastewater is a high concentration refractory wastewater. The chemicals used in sewage treatment include inorganic flocculants, ferrous sulfate, polyacrylamide, lime and so on.

Pesticide production wastewater, the total amount of water 2050 tons / day

Sewage introduction: our company is a pesticide production enterprises, mainly for the preparation of equipment cleaning sewage water, water 50 tons per day, sewage containing organic phosphorus pesticides, heterocyclic pesticide formulations, production is agent, suspending agent, water dispersible granule, microemulsion, emulsion etc.. The company now has a sewage treatment system, looking for water treatment chemicals, polyacrylamide anion 60 degrees of product used as belt filter press, slurry separation.

Hot dip galvanized acid washing wastewater, water volume 20 tons / day

Brief introduction of sewage: our company is a hot galvanizing enterprise, mainly producing acid washing wastewater, the water quantity is about 20 tons per day, the water contains ferrous ion, dust, zinc, hydrochloric acid contains components, acidic. Want to seek high-tech units to our company's wastewater treatment. The chemicals needed include lime, defoaming agent, hydrogen peroxide, anionic polyacrylamide and pac30.

Acrylic fiber and chemical fiber production wastewater, water volume of 8000 tons / day

Sewage introduction: our company is pulp and viscose fiber production enterprises, produced daily water 7000~8000 tons, with an annual output of 60 thousand tons of acrylic fiber production line to produce 2400 tons of water per day, with an annual output of 30 thousand tons of chemical fiber production line to produce 4000~5000 tons of water. At present, there are equipments, such as PAC, anionic 18 million and organosilicon defoamer

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