Advantages of high content polyaluminium chloride

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Polyaluminium chloride is often referred to as water purifying agent and coagulant, it is between ALCL3 and AL (OH) 3 between a water soluble inorganic polymer, chemical formula [AL2 (OH) nCl6-nLm] where M represents the degree of polymerization, n said neutral degree of polymerization aluminum chloride products. The color is yellow or light yellow, dark brown, dark gray resin solid. The product has strong bridging adsorption performance. In the process of hydrolysis, coagulation, adsorption and precipitation are accompanied by physical and chemical processes. The fundamental difference between PAC and traditional inorganic coagulant is the traditional inorganic coagulant for low molecular salt crystals, while the structure of polyaluminium chloride by multiple carboxyl complex varied form composition, flocculation speed, suitable pH range, no corrosion of pipeline equipment, water purification effect, can effectively remove water. SS, COD, BOD color quality and arsenic, mercury and other heavy metal ions, the products are widely used in the field of drinking water, industrial water and wastewater treatment.

At present, high content polyaluminium chloride is a fine chemical product which is developed rapidly at home and abroad. It is an efficient flocculant in water treatment, and its research and development is of great significance to water treatment and fine chemical industry. At present, there are two directions in product development. One is the development of preparation of high content of poly aluminum chloride products made of new materials, with aluminum powder, aluminum ash and aluminum slag and other raw materials for preparation of high content of poly aluminum chloride products, the process is relatively simple, early more rapid development in recent years, the use of industrial waste (fly ash and coal gangue) as research materials should be paid more attention. As the raw material to produce aluminum chloride can save materials and make use of industrial waste, waste recycling, is a research field has great market application prospect in one direction is of high concentration polyaluminium chloride and inorganic or organic compound or Compound Flocculant Application of the compound or drug combination can make up for the deficiency of single flocculant, which has advantages of both their single flocculant, to adapt to a wide range, but also improve the organic matter The removal rate and the concentration of residual metal ions can obviously improve the flocculation effect. In addition, the production process of polymerized aluminum chloride for batch production, serious pollution, low utilization rate of raw materials, product quality is stable, the development of efficient continuous production technology, will become the focus of future research in industrial production!

Characteristics of high content polyaluminium chloride:

       1. high purity white polyaluminum chloride can be used for water treatment, which can effectively remove all kinds of toxic and harmful pollutants in water, and the dosage is much lower than the traditional inorganic coagulant, which can significantly improve the treatment efficiency and reduce the operation cost.

       2. high pure white polymeric aluminum chloride used for paper sizing, and rosin sizing agent with the use of neutral and alkaline sizing, and can befilledcheapcalcium carbonate filler, not only reduces the production cost, improve the whiteness of the paper and folding resistance, but also overcome thesyntheticrubber material difficult to avoid disadvantages (such asslipping, is difficult to control). High purity white high content polyaluminium chloride also has good retention and drainage function, and can effectively improve the water filtration performance and retention rate of the slurry.
White polyaluminum chloride, also called polymeric coagulant. It is a kind of white or milky powder powder made of hydrogen aluminum oxide powder and high purity hydrochloric acid by spray drying. It is easy to melt in the air. White polyaluminum chloride has been used instead of aluminum sulfate as a neutral sizing precipitant in the paper industry.

Application of high content polyaluminium chloride:

  1, mainly used for drinking water, industrial water supply, oilfield reinjection water, circulating cooling water and various sewage (such as municipal sewage, oily sewage, printing and dyeing wastewater, papermaking wastewater, steel mill sewage, etc.) treatment.

  2, paper sizing agent, sugar refining and clarifying agent.

  3, for many areas of medicine, cosmetics and tanning, precision casting and so on.

  Application method of high content polyaluminium chloride:

  1, for the water treatment with high content of polyaluminium chloride, in order to achieve the best use effect and economic benefits, the user can according to different water quality, through the experiment to determine the best dosage. According to the percentage of product AL2O3 diluted to about 5% concentration added.

  2. The high content polyaluminium chloride used in paper sizing is the same as aluminum sulfate. The dosage is one of three aluminum sulfate, and the amount of dry paper is 2% - 3%.

  3. For the bleaching and clarification of the sugar industry, the product is first mixed with 3-5% aqueous solution (calculated according to AL2O3 content), and then added to the sugarcane juice which needs decolorization, the dosage is 5 - 10PPm.


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