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Polyaluminium chloride (PAC)The price of aluminum chloride can only be based on the daily report, as the factory has stopped production and the price changes constantly

Polyaluminium chloride PAC for short.Generally have white, yellow, brown, these three different colors, respectively, have different purposes.Polyaluminium chloride of alumina content is between 26% and 30% more for yellow to yellow light yellow solid.This type of polyaluminium chloride solubility in water is better, in the process of dissolving with electrochemical, coagulation, adsorption and precipitation and other physical and chemical process, so as to purify the purpose.Polyaluminium chloride flocculation body form a quick and bulky, high activity and precipitation, the high turbidity water purification effect is remarkable.

Polyaluminium chloride performance characteristics:

1, the molecular structure of large, strong adsorption capacity, less dosage, low processing cost.

2, good solubility, high activity and condensed to form alum to spend big in the water, the subsidence quickly, purification ability than other inorganic flocculant 2-3 times greater.

3, strong adaptability, little effect by water PH and temperature, water purification after meet the national drinking water standard, cationic and anionic levels in treated water quality is low, is advantageous to the ion exchange process and the preparation of high pure water.

4, corrosive small, easy to operate, can improve the labor intensity and working conditions of coagulant dosage process. The severe pollution and low turbidity, high turbidity and high chroma of raw water can achieve good coagulation effect.

5, water temperature low, still can keep the stability of the coagulation effect, therefore applies in low temperature area.

6, alum flowers make fast;Particles it's big and heavy precipitation performance is good, and o-phenylenediamine - less than aluminum sulfate.

7, the suitable pH range is wide, between 5-9, when too much for overtime also won't like aluminium sulfate water turbidity of the opposite effect.

8, the alkaline degree than other aluminium salt, ferric salt is high, so the liquid erosion of equipment is small, and the pH of the water after treatment and basicity decline is smaller.
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