Development of polyaluminium chloride

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The development of polymerization aluminum chloride. In recent years, in our country, water purification materials started is far behind other countries, but with the national emphasis on water purification materials, in recent years, water purification materials agents with more rapid development, the polyaluminium chloride manufacturers more market, are engaged in the production of water purification materials of different ATZ, company, thanks to the strong support of the government.
ATZ company, polyaluminium chloride production widely used in large, medium and small tap water factory, pure water, beverage, desalination of sea water, electricity, steel, petroleum, chemical, electronic, chemical, papermaking, printing and dyeing, hospitals, sewage treatment and other industries, ATZ company with high quality products and good reputation, over the years by the majority of users highly praise and praise.
To improve the quality of large-scale production is a pressing matter of the moment of polyaluminium chloride water purifier industry, currently the world's PAC annual output of about 600 thousand tons, of which Chinese about 180 thousand tons, about 200 thousand tons of Japan, the European application of polyaluminium chloride has accounted for about 70% of the municipal water treatment market, Japan accounted for the entire market of municipal water treatment 90%, water purifier used in China on the market are mainly aluminum chloride, aluminum sulfate, polyaluminum ferric chloride, the polyaluminium chloride occupy the domestic water purifier market 60%, is one of the fifteen national planning focus on the development of environmentally friendly products.

Polyaluminium chloride
High quality alkaline aluminum chloride has good thermal stability and high solubility. It can introduce 40%-50% solid content polyaluminum chloride solution into high pressure pump.
Polyaluminium chloride is mainly used in industrial sewage, tap water purification and other fields, the consumption of two areas accounted for about 70% of the total consumption, use accounted for more than 40% in industrial wastewater purification of tap water, water purification and sewage treatment using the ratio of around 30%, industrial water recycling and purification of rivers and reservoirs accounted for 20%. The other 10%, along with the country to further improve environmental governance requirements, the amount used in the treatment of industrial wastewater will be greatly improved, ATZ company believed that polyaluminium chloride in the future there will be more rapid development.

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