Introduction of the role of polyacrylamide as flocculant

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Introduction of the role of polyacrylamide as a flocculant

No matter what kind of polyacrylamide as flocculant, the basic principle is the same, mainly depends on the role of the three stage, this is an important reference in the selection of products to the beaker test, for its role, many people think it is the number of the current industrial process, adsorption bridging flocculation and precipitation and then, with the means can be divided into coagulation, flocculation and sedimentation of three stages, both in the three stages of laboratory tests or computer operation can fully show that the selected product is applied, this paper will give a detailed introduction to coagulation, flocculation, flocculation sedimentation process.

1, in condensed phases: when we add a liquid (or flocculant polyaluminium chloride) when the liquid injection coagulation tank and water rapid coagulation process fine alum in a very short period of time, the water becomes more muddy water, it can produce intense turbulence. In the beaker experiment, it is advisable to quickly stir 10-30S (250-300 RPM), generally not more than 2min. The effect is best at this time.

2, flocculation stage is the process of alum growth and roughening. It requires proper turbulence degree and sufficient residence time (10-15min). To a later stage, a large number of alum flowers gather slowly to sink and form clear surface layer. The beaker test was used for about 6 minutes with 150 rotating / partial mixing, and then 60 rpm / min for 4 minutes to the suspension state. See how the reaction is, if the effect is not ideal, it should be adjusted in time.

3, settlement stage: treatment of domestic sewage and organic wastewater. This product presents positive electricity in the compatibility or alkaline medium, so it can flocculate and precipitate sewage with suspended particles and negative charge. It is a process of flocculation in the sedimentation tank settlement requirements, slow water flow, in order to improve the efficiency of using inclined tube (plate) sedimentation tank (the best use of flotation separation flocculation), a large number of perianth tube thick alum (plate) wall barrier and deposition in the bottom of the pool, the upper water is water, the rest the small size and low density of alum slowly decreased, while continuing to collision between the nodes, to the late residual turbidity is basically unchanged.

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