Polyaluminium chloride used in the treatment of sewage and d

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Difference of polyaluminium chloride used in the treatment of sewage and drinking water

When treating drinking water, poly aluminum chloride with low content will have more impurities and water insoluble substances, so high content should be required. Especially in papermaking, cosmetics production is to use high content.

With the water level must be drinking water treatment, industrial grade in the test does not detect heavy metals in the water insoluble matter was also higher than that of drinking water, general drinking water level related to human life, can not be used indiscriminately, drinking water level must be true, if the industrial grade was used for drinking water, a lot of hidden. And the purity is different, industrial use is 26-28%, drinking water with 30%.

And sewage treatment, the content requirements are not strict, low content is not too much on the line, you can put more drugs, you can also achieve the intended effect.

Specializing in the production of poly aluminum chloride, mainly divided into drinking water level, industrial grade, the production process is mainly divided into spray method, drum method,

Roller type aluminum chloride aluminum content in general, insoluble in water high, mostly used for sewage treatment

The plate and frame type polyaluminium chloride has high content and low water insoluble content. It is used for sewage treatment and drinking treatment

Spray drying of aluminum chloride has high content, low water insoluble content, fast dissolution rate, and is used for drinking water and higher standard water treatment

PAC polyaluminum chloride spray drying because of good stability, adapt to the wide waters, the hydrolysis speed, strong adsorption capacity, the formation of alum, dense precipitation, water turbidity is low, the advantages of dehydration performance, in the same water, spray drying of poly aluminum chloride dosage is reduced, especially in the water quality is not good under the condition of spray drying and drum drying product dosage of polyaluminium chloride than can be reduced by half, not only reduces the labor intensity of workers, but more important is to reduce the cost of water users. In addition, spray drying products can ensure safety and reduce water accidents, which is very safe and reliable for residents drinking water.

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