Can polyferric sulfate be used in the treatment of tap water

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Can polyferric sulfate be used in the treatment of tap water?
The development of economy, water pollution is relatively serious, many factories are using water treatment agent to purify water, we all know that is the most commonly used aluminum chloride and polyacrylamide, then polymerized ferric sulfate can be used in tap water factory, today we know?
Polyferric sulfate is light yellow amorphous solid powder, easily soluble in water, 10% (weight) aqueous solution is a reddish brown transparent solution, the stronger adaptability of the treated raw water pH value (range 4-11), the coagulation effect is more excellent, flocculation density, fast sedimentation rate, significant turbidity in addition, sterilization, deodorization, decolorization and removal of algae, oil, dehydration, removal of COD, BOD and heavy metal ions and other effects, is widely used in environmental protection, industrial wastewater treatment, and the use method of the waterworks system is roughly the same, water treatment of high chroma, high COD, BOD, supplemented by additive effect is very good.
Tap water factory in the use of polymeric ferric sulfate, can be diluted 2-5 times after adding. In overtime, according to the nature of raw water can be adjusted by production debugging or beaker experiment, depending on the amount of alum, water plant can also be used according to the original dosage of reference. Under the same conditions, the amount of PFS is approximately the same as that of solid polyaluminum chloride, which is 1/2-1/3 of the amount of solid aluminum sulfate. If the original is the use of liquid products, can be calculated according to the discretion of the corresponding drug concentration, roughly according to weight ratio of 1:3 set.
In summary, polymeric ferric sulfate can be used in waterworks.

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