Flocculant polyacrylamide should be how to choose

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Flocculant polyacrylamide should be how to choose
When the flocculant is selected, the sedimentation test of the laboratory should be carried out first. According to the settlement test of the laboratory, according to the test results, a better flocculant is selected, and the sludge settling speed is fast,
The flocculant with clear supernatant, large and solid floc, good solid-liquid separation effect should be considered in the choice of dewatering machinery. Centrifuges require bigger flocs and stronger seeds.
According to the laboratory sedimentation test, the actual test should be carried out after the flocculant is selected. In the actual test, should be adjusted according to different operating conditions of flocculant, with stable operation as the standard, and determination of mud and mud dehydration rate, sludge concentration, sludge quantity and dosage according to the determined consumption of actual processing tons of dried mud. In order to ensure the stability of polyacrylamide supply, you can choose more than two manufacturers of products for testing, type selection, and ultimately determine the appropriate product model manufacturers.

AUTHOR:ATZ Environmental Protection Technology

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