Analysis of dosage of cationic polyacrylamide in sludge dewa

DATE:2017-10-20 / READ:

We have already mentioned a need how many tons of sludge dewatering of cationic polyacrylamide, but there is still a problem to determine customer confusion of cationic polyacrylamide cPAM sludge dosage. First, using sludge dewatering cationic polyacrylamide CPAM the actual dosage is not a fixed value, this is because the sewage treatment sludge treatment plant is not a quality, moisture content, processing conditions and so on, so we can not give an exact number value of said specific sludge dosage should be the problem how to define CPAM.

To determine the specific dosage of CPAM in sludge dewatering process, specific problems require specific analysis, if the conditions users can purchase your own small sample test, to obtain the specific data, then adjusted according to actual situation. If its cannot test or sample test and sludge treatment, sludge samples can be sent to our office, we help you analysis, the sludge dewatering for your use of the dosage of cationic polyacrylamide cpam.

AUTHOR:ATZ Environmental Protection Technology

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