Polymeric ferric aluminum chloride

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Poly aluminum ferric chloride is a new inorganic polymer coagulant, referred to as polymeric aluminum iron. The solid products are brown, reddish brown powder. Using bauxite as raw material, aluminum salt and iron salt coagulants in one of the advantages, and the introduction of anionic sulfate ion - that of aluminum and iron ions have significantly improved the shape, degree of polymerization is also greatly improved, is polyaluminium chloride and ferric chloride substitute products. Its performance and advantages are mainly as follows:

1., the hydrolysis speed is fast, the hydration is weak, formed alum flower dense, settling speed is fast, affected by water temperature change small, can meet the water flow in the process of shear force requirements. Especially in the treatment of high temperature, high turbidity water, low temperature and low turbidity water, has a unique effect.

2. iron is the nutrient element for the human body, which is beneficial to human health.

3. the use of PAC can effectively remove the aluminum ions in the source water and the residual free aluminum ions in the water after the coagulation of aluminum salts.

4., less dosage, good treatment effect, save 10 - 20% cost than other coagulants, usually ordinary turbidity water can be added according to 10 - 20mg/L solubility, the concrete operation method is similar to polyaluminium chloride.

5. can be used in drinking water, industrial water and industrial waste water, domestic sewage.

AUTHOR:ATZ Environmental Protection Technology

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