Important data of polyacrylamide

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Important data of polyacrylamide

What are the important data of polyacrylamide? The important data of polyacrylamide is usually the molecular weight, and the molecular weight is even the only data that determines the anionic polyacrylamide. And for cationic polyacrylamide CPAM, the quality and performance of the product will not only consider the molecular weight, and even the significance of the degree of ionic.

The degree of ionic size determines the performance of cationic polyacrylamide, generally in the process of sewage treatment, the higher the degree of ionic CPAM, the less the amount of the required, turbidity rate is higher. And the effect of sludge dewatering is more ideal. But it does not mean that the higher the degree of the effect of cPAM ion June ideal, considering many factors in the actual use of the process, because the higher the degree of ionic products more expensive, while the actual sewage water quality is an important factor in determining what types of polyacrylamide.

So what is the molecular weight of cationic polyacrylamide CPAM? The higher the molecular weight of CPAM is, the higher its flocculation efficiency and turbidity removal rate are. This is because the molecular weight of polyacrylamide can determine the molecular chain length, if the molecular weight is too low, the impurity particles in the sewage can not form a bridging effect effectively, it will affect the effect of sewage treatment, sewage will protect more colloid, prevent settlement. Therefore, the higher the molecular weight, the better the flocculation effect, the better the adsorption bridging effect, and the faster the flocculation rate. But also can not blindly improve the flocculation speed, because if the sewage impurity ions flocculation speed is too fast, but is not conducive to the later impurities particles agglomerate settlement, can't reach the sewage treatment effect.

In summary, customers in the choice of polyacrylamide, can not covet cheap to buy low molecular weight, low ionic products, nor for the pursuit of high efficiency, the choice of high molecular weight, high ionic cpam. Recommended to buy before being able to make the test, if you do not have the test conditions, the sewage can mail it to me, CPAM specifications for professional laboratory test to help you should use the sewage we have, to provide professional water treatment flocculant solution.

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