Does ferrous sulfate agglomerate affect coagulation effect?

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Does ferrous sulfate agglomerate affect coagulation effect?

Usually in February, ferrous sulfate market demand serious phenomenon. Ferrous products prices rose, also appeared a large number of products, such as yellow cake, some bar shape, so, what would be the effect of ferrous sulfate agglomeration? How should we deal with it?

Normal ferrous sulfate under constant temperature storage for a period of 3 to 6 months, after a period of warranty period or if the product itself has high moisture content, not dry, it is easy to produce condensation. Iron with strong reducibility, in the air is easily oxidized into Fe3+, therefore, for too long the ferrous sulfate is easy to agglomerate, and even the formation of yellow clod like shape.

Influence of ferrous sulfate caking on sewage treatment

1,in the sewage treatment, the adverse effects of slightly caking of ferrous sulfate and not be crushed after normal use, the effect of the same. Or directly (direct feeding use will increase the dissolution time). The best use of solid preparation into 10% solution in use. And iron in the air is easier to be oxidized, the use of the best is now with the current use.

2,for kept for a long time, serious caking products, its content is relatively weak, therefore, is not recommended for such products stored for a long time. This situation can be dissolved in solution by high-temperature condensate, the temperature is about 148.2 DEG C, can be used normally.

3,the preparatory work, to prevent caking. If it can not be used within the effective time, it should be repackaged or purchased by double layer paper bag packaging products to reduce the contact between ferrous sulfate and the air.

Above is the conventional seven water ferrous sulfate, if is the purification or drying of ferrous sulfate is valid or extended to 12 months, better quality, better than seven water ferrous sulfate effect.

Cautions for the operation of ferrous sulfate

Using ferrous sulfate should be closed operation, local exhaust, to prevent dust entering the workshop. A general operator is best through specialized training, strict operation procedure. When using ferrous sulfate, operators should wear self suction filter dust masks, protective eyes, acid alkali clothing and acid and alkali resistance gloves. To prevent dust contact with oxidant and alkali, best equipped with emergency treatment equipment.

Cautions for storage of ferrous sulfate

Ferrous sulfate store is the best store in a cool and ventilated place, avoid fire, heat and direct sunlight. The external packaging should be sealed, can not be damp. Can not be mixed storage together with other agents, such as oxidant, such as alkaline reagent.

AUTHOR:ATZ Environmental Protection Technology

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