how to identify the quality of anionic polyacrylamide

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In choosing anionic polyacrylamide, we should not only consider the price of the product, but also pay attention to the molecular weight.

The effective content of molecular weight is the molecular weight of anionic polyacrylamide, the greater the price more expensive. There are 20 million kinds of molecular weight, mostly used in the industry of rubber powder additives, 18 million molecular weight products are mainly used in oil field and urban sewage treatment agent. There are also 1200 molecular weight because the molecular weight is low, so the price is relatively low, the use is also more, there are coal washing, ore dressing, drilling, and other industries.

In the purchase of anionic polyacrylamide should pay attention to the recognition method is;

1, look at the color regardless of the molecular size of our manufacturers are consistent with the appearance of the product. The appearance of white powder, there will be no other variegated, if the product color is inconsistent, it is possible that the stability of the product can not reach the qualified.

2, comparison of dissolved in water after the viscosity and pull wire length. Dissolve in water, use two identical beaker, dissolve with 1000; 1 ratio dissolve 50 minutes or so, then contrast viscosity and pull silk length.

3, the above method can only identify the need for accurate data about visual. ATZ provides free samples and test results.

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